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05-13-2011, 02:40 PM
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As CGNY87 stated, it's just personal preference. Some guys (like me) lace all the way to the top, others prefer to leave the top eyelet unlaced. It just depends on your skating style, lacing to the top can provide a bit more "spring" like power if you are strong/heavy enough to flex your boot, but leaving the top eyelet unlaced can give you a bit more mobility and make it easier to get a good knee/ankle bend. Also depends on the individual skates, some skates are very high cut, some are very low cut, with a low cut skate you might find that you prefer to lace them all the way up, vs leaving the top eyelet unlaced with a high cut skate.

If you skate better with the top eyelet unlaced, stick with it, as you said the only definite drawback is less ankle support, so a slightly increased risk of injury if you go feet first into the boards or something like that. Otherwise it's a power vs mobility trade-off, which is personal preference.

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