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Originally Posted by Gooseamania View Post
what you said makes perfectly good sense. like i said, i have a very stiff boot so keeping the top eyelet un-laced helps me with turns/cuts.

by the way, i might as well ask this now since im on the topic of skates. I just got new skates, I used them for the first time in a game last night (first time ever actually). the skates feel good, no pain afterwords, but the insoles aren't very comfortable. I had read on these forums somewhere that stock insoles are crappy no matter how good the skate it, what is a good brand of insole for a skate and how do you fit them to the skate?
Stock insoles tend to be just thin little pieces of foam that provide very little arch support. Fine for some feet, but not all. I personally use Superfeet yellow insoles, I love them, very low profile but still provide a lot of arch support, and are quite stiff:

I also tried on "Elite" pro senior insoles (the same company who make the popular waxed laces), more soft/comfy, but didn't provide as much of the arch support I was looking for. Probably better for certain foot types though:

The Graf footbeds are also quite popular, never tried them myself though.

As for choosing the right ones for you, just go to a shop that has a decent selection, pick out the right size, put em in, ties up your skates and walk around in them for a while, buy whatever feels best. Once you buy them you can trim them to size, often they'll be made a little oversized in the forefoot/toe area and are meant to be trimmed to a perfect fit with scissors.

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