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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post

We haven't watched the same player then. Ridiculous assessment of his game. He is a floater. The problem this season was Torts wanting him to grind and play with the puck on his stick.
What is a floater, in your opinion?

When I think of a floater, I think of Luc Robitaille. Mediocre skater who didn't create opportunity's with his speed or skill set. Luc made a living finding open areas in the slot. Amazing hands, obviously, but wasn't an all-star because of his defensive work.

Bure was another floater, with a lot more speed. Actually, remove speed from his game and he wasn't that special, imo. Difference here though, was Bure was capable of creating his own opportunity's -- the only reason I consider him a floater was because of his defensive work. He practically hovered around his blue-line, waiting for outlet passes. He was good with his stick though, and was faster than any player on the ice, so it made up a bit.

Wolski's another floater. Guy doesn't win many 1-on-1 battles because he's pretty horrible along the boards. Most of his opportunity's are created in either open-ice, or when someone sets him up.

Gaborik's better defensively than Bure. He doesn't have the hands Luc had, but the bulk of his goal-total didn't come from someone feeding him the puck. Gaborik's superior to Wolski in every facet of the game.

Your definition for floater is either different from me, or you haven't watched a lot of Gaborik throughout his career. He's not your typical floater. He's a student of Lemaire. He has a lot more intangibles than your cliche floater.

It's a terrible label, imo.

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