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Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
TGOR is so so so SO bad. It amazes me Pierre even graces them with his presence.

TSN Radio really worries me. It should bring higher quality programming, but Im scared the station will start covering more of other sports (as is, they cover too much non hockey stuff IMO).

Also, Im afraid it will become a very Toronto centric station. I dont find TSN itself (TV, Web) to be as Toronto centric as many do, but I see them piping in a lot of content from their toronto radio station
Me too. Most of what we get on the national broadcasts is Ottawa news form the point of view of Toronto media.We have too much of that already.

The best thing about Team 1200 is the local programming (I am not counting anyone calling in from their Edmonton basement)

I woundn't mind programming from elesewhere in Canada, Toronto on Montreal or somewhere else instead of the Fox stuff, but dont want to lose the local content-though some of it could be improved.

Introducing more local prgramming is one of the things they have done right on Team 1200 recently.

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