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05-14-2011, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Have you seen how light Eller is? Him doing squats with no weights wouldn't build up significant strength. Also a lot of these exercises you mention require good balance and when you have a major injury, it affects your balance.

He isn't going to build any mass doing biking or stairmaster.
Well, as I stated in my post, whenever you go through a major injury, you will need complete rest for a period of time. With a shoulder surgery that puts him out at least 4months, I would assume the first 2months will be complete rest after which he'll start rehab.

As for building mass, you can do about a million exercises and say this or that is better for it, it's all BS. You will grow your muscles from nutrition. He needs to eat, eat and eat if getting bigger is the objective.

I broke my collarbone last summer, the first, and hopefully last, bone I ever broke. I know it is one of the most painful bones to fracture from what I've read, and I couldn't put any type of pressure on it for about 2months. The first two weeks, it was a pain just to run, but as it got better, I could definitely exercise my lower body.

So after Eller's shoulder becomes a little better, I don't see why he wouldn't be able to start working on his lower region.

As far as air squats or lunges not building any type of sustainable strength, you're simply wrong. Do 400m of walking lunges or 200-1000 squats and then come tell me it doesn't strengthen you. Not only do they make you stronger, but as you said, they improve balance and also, agility and coordination, which are key neurological skills for hockey players.
As for leg curls, extensions and pulley kicks, they aren't as effective, but can still be done if need be.

You can do some sled pulling, where you simply drag a sled with weights on it and it will reinforce your legs. There's a lot of things you can do.

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