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05-14-2011, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by jlgib21 View Post
Where's the link.I'd say Hamr and Spacek dive just a "little" more than Chara. And I don't give a crap what he does anyways. i'm worried about our players causing embarassment to our team
Use Google and They have box scores archived for every game since the lockout. If a player gets called for diving it will appear (on several different pages) under "(player's name) diving".

Chara has 5 diving penalties since the lockout, Spacek 1 and Hamrlik 0.

Chara has 3 of those with the Bruins, Spacek and Hamrlik 0 with the Habs.

And those numbers don't even count this gem, for which he didn't receive a penalty:

Now unless both Spacek and Hamrlik went on incredible diving sprees earlier in their careers, back when the penalty was probably less likely to be called, it's safe to say Chara is a bigger diver than either. And it's a fact that he's a bigger diver on the Bruins than those 2 have been for the Habs.

As for why you should care, because it will help you realize that, despite what people may want you to believe, a butt load of NHL players dive. The majority even. And the captain of the team whose fanbase is leading the anti-diving crusade is one of the biggest divers in the league since the lockout.

Despite all that, Bruins fans see him as a warrior and the Habs as a team full of divers. It won't change no matter who the Habs employ. We could switch teams entirely and they would see it the same way. So there's no point in worrying about whether a player will embarrass your team or not, because in the eyes of some they'll always be guilty.

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