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Originally Posted by Prussian_Blue View Post
I live in Glendale, genius...

That's your opinion. There are a lot of people who know quite a bit about hockey who disagree with you. Posting 50 times a day to an Internet message board doesn't make you an expert on minor league hockey.
Under country next to your name it says Germany, chill.

When did I say I know? I follow the minors enough to know that the mendoza line falls around 2,000. Someone I know broke this down further that stated 4,000 is the break even point on the average(may or may not be true) i'm not claiming to know every teams situation as each agreement for each minor league team regarding their lease is different. Like ours, we seat 4,000 but i know for a fact our owner gets something out of the concessions. not all teams owners get concessions revenue. But i do know averaging what the sundogs do won't get the job done long term unless the NJ Devils route is taken(ask Trenton)The only reason they have a team is because the Devils own them. Arizona averages UNDER 2,100 per game. not many successful teams do.

I do not post 50 times a day, if you even did the math that is pretty inaccurate. maybe i've posted more lately but not 50 everyday or even on the average.

If you check this out:

The Sundogs draw 71 out of 75 pro teams(excluding NHL) WELL below the CHL and SPHL averages. You CAN'T tell me that will get the job done.

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