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05-15-2011, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
The things from the bench that have stuck are

and of course, in what has basically become the season's motif:
That first one is awesome... How could you not love this guy? What is he saying in the second vid?

I also meant to post this one. Gotta love how he mind-effed big bad Bruce, and incidentally, pumped up our guys.

“They’re solid all around,” Boucher said. “Right now we’re looking at it, OK, where’s their weakness? There is no weakness. That’s how we feel about that. That’s why I’m saying Goliath against David. That’s why they’re the top team. It’s going to be a real tough task.

“We’re the new kids on the block,” Boucher continued. “We’re not kidding ourselves here. They’re the powerhouse. They’re the monsters right now. We’re the little naggers that are biting at ankles. It’s Goliath against David. That’s what it is. We’d better get our slingshots ready.”

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