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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
Halak's value was at an all-time high after the playoffs, there is absolutely no way of knowing how he would have performed this season for the Habs. His stats in St.Louis we're mediocre, I doubt Philly would have offered that up for him if his stats we're the same in MTL. The last time a goalie got traded for a star forward was Luongo for Bertuzzi, and Bertuzzi was coming out of his prime, nevermind the fact Luongo was considered the best young goalie in the game at the time by a large margin.

Once again your playing hypotheticals. I really believe you have no clue about perceived value of players, just another post bashing the organisation.
Halak played great the year before,and is a top goalie.Every gm and ex-player analyst says we could have got more if we waited,and we pulled the trigger too fast. And talk about perceived value of players? Look at some of the things people think we can get for our players.I'll take GM and players opinions over yours 100% of the time

Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
LOL @ those Bruins fans who were SO SURE he dove on the play.
I didn't hear any of that on Eller. The B's announcers actually said he popped his shoulder back. Hamr is the only one that I think fakes injuries.How many times have we seen him sprawled on the ice only to play the next shift. maybe i'm wrong and he has a low pain tolerance.

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