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10-16-2003, 08:19 AM
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I think we all knew that Ebell would be a good player if he could stay healthy. He has been a stud so far this year and I think he will break the 45 point mark this year as well stay in double digits in the +/- to boot. IF he can stay healthy. Of course, the same could be said about allot of Kings this season. Imagine how we would look if our whole roster was healthy.

EVEN IF we had to have the lines be,

Klatt Allison Deader

Frolov Stumple Palffy

Luc Ebell Army/Pirnes/Aulin/Cammo etc

for our top three lines I think (as I have been saying since we landed Stumple and Luc) that we will be a very hard team to beat most nights.

Ebell is right in between being a solid second line center and a special third line guy. I can't wait to see how he developes. Stay healthy Ebell!

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