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10-16-2003, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by KL
Geez Xavier, what ridiculous arguments...

1. Why would there need to be a direct claim from a GM saying that Last year, .014 difference in the same games played. The season before that, Aeby was statistically superior.

2. Save percentage doesnt mean squat. But since you Yotes fans are so

3. No double standard at all, Xavier. Burke has proven he cant win in the

First KL - I am not Xavier.

Secondly Burke has had success in the playoffs. You cannot erase history and pretend he never has. It is not proven. Even if he actually had a 100% failure rate it isnt proven anyway.

Thirdly Burke has been putting up these numbers as a full time starter on a lousy team over 150+ games since 1999. Aebischer has been a full time back up playing 20 games a year.

Last year 0.14 difference in games played? Okay lets look at the teams they beat:

Aebischer: 7-12-0
Wins - Calgary x2, Carolina, Chicago x2, Nashville, NY Rangers.
Ties - none
Losses - Buffalo, Edmonton, Florida, Anaheim x2, Minnesota, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Tampa, Vancouver, Washington.

In fact it seems every time Aebischer faced a playoff calibre team.. He lost. Pretty alarming when you consider your "wins mean everything" theory. Perhaps I should now claim it is now clearly proven Aebischer will never beat a playoff team ever again(!)

Burke: 12-6-1
Wins - Anaheim x2, Washington, Detroit, Edmonton, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Carolina, Nashville, Pittsburgh, San Jose
Ties - Colorado
Losses - Dallas, Detroit, LA, Ottawa, Chicago, Calgary.

Far more impressive.. even more so when you consider he didnt have Blake, Foote, Morris, Sakic or Forsberg in front of him.

As for Aebischer having a superior record in 2001-2. You do realise that was the year Burke was nominated for the Vezina, not Aebischer. I think that says it all.

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