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05-15-2011, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
Kevin Allen of USA today, who actually is a pretty underrated insider, spoke to Rick Dudley(Gm of Atlanta) and Dudley told him that he Gauthier up and inquired about Halak. Gauthier had asked for Patrice Cormier for Halak. Dudley said he declined the offer and never called Gauthier back.

I wonder how much Halak was really worth, when Atlanta didn't even want to give up Cormier, who imo is a lesser prospect than Eller.
I've said it numerous times before. Even if I'm nothing more than a simply internet blogger, I disagree with anybody saying we could have had more for Halak than what we got. There is a multitude of examples that show how weak the market was for goalies.
But more so than that, when you look at what the assets exchanged, it points even more towards being a good trade. Halak was a RFA, which means any team making him an offer would have needed to give us a compensation. If we look at the deal St-Louis signed him at, we would have gotten a 1st and 3rd round pick in return, and because people on HF love draft pick and cap space more than the actual game of hockey, they would have been very satisfied with that compensation. Well, Eller and Schultz are respectively 1st and 3rd round picks.

At the worse, this trade was fair. With all their offensive injuries this year, St-Louis could have used Eller.

Originally Posted by PhysicX View Post
Tell that to the Philadelphia Flyers
Flyers didn't have a problem finding a great goalie in Bobrovsky.
Laviolette played with fire and flat out lost it when he decided to scratch him only to put a career back up/AHLer goalie, that hadn't played in 2011 yet, in nets..
Deciding to go with Boucher and Leighton instead of Bobrovsky, and then opting to start him in Game 4 vs Boston really made me wonder what the heck Laviolette was thinking.
He should have stuck with Bobrovsky all the way through. Rookies need their share of experience.
I don't think Philly is looking for a goalie, other than maybe a back up. They would be stupid to let Bobrovsky go.
Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
This is one thing I don't buy. Just like I don't buy those who said "benching Subban for 3 games would ruin him / his confidence". Subban / Eller are not made of glass, they won't be ruined by spending more time in the AHL.

You could send Subban down to the AHL now and it wouldn't ruin him. If good players are good, they will be good. Its that simple.
It's not about ruining the player, it's about what he has to gain from it. Would Plekanec benefit anything from going to play in the AHL for a year?? Of course not.
Would you improve anything from playing hockey versus 10 year old kids? Of course not.

In order to improve, you need to play versus opponents that will make you develop onto a higher level. I don't think Eller has much to gain from playing a season in the AHL. I can see him go through a conditioning stint like many other players do after big injuries, but I doubt he'll spend a significant amount of time in the AHL. I think he's got a lot more to gain from playing at the NHL level, than he does at the AHL.
I'm not worried about confidence with this kid, I think he's shown great things with us throughout the year, and even more so in the POs.

I'm not worried about Eller, I expect him to spend some time for conditioning in the AHL if he's still injured during camp, but quickly come back up to the NHL level.

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