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05-16-2011, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by TheFifthStaal View Post
Biggs is way too risky at 12, IMO. I think McNeill would probably be a safer pick with more upside who also could provide size and physicality in the top 6. JR has shown he likes WHL forwards so I wouldn't be surprised if he's our pick if we don't trade up or someone unexpectedly falls
I mentioned that in the thread where the fellow came by to get votes for our pick, actually voted for him. He reminds me a LOT of Andrew Ladd his draft eligible season except in '04 the NA class was so weak that Ladd was able to jump to the 1st slot on the Central Scouting list and we grabbed him 4th overall. He's a guy I really noticed while doing due diligence for my keeper league with Ryan Button prior to his trade to Seattle. Wears 9 .....which usually means you've got a Gordie Howe fan. Right handed shot and likely to move from C to W as a professional. Kid is pure nails out there. In the nit pickiest criticism of him I can muster, I don't like his hairline. Seriously. Usually players with bad hairlines this early are almost physically matured. Just a small, inconsequential concern that I noticed while looking deeper into his stock. But you'd be surprised how many scouts get turned off of a kid for "face".

In regards to Tyler Biggs, I wouldn't like him as our pick at 12th overall but he's not going to last a hell of a lot longer than that on the boards. The biggest concern with him was obviously not taking the requisite steps forward offensively to justify his ridiculous overrating in the preseason rankings. But one would be surprised what a modicum of offensive skill, massive size, and a strong desire to play a physical brand of hockey with defensive awareness will do for a 16-17 year old kid in regards to projection. I don't see him as offensively void as Colton Gillies. I think his U18 performance was pressure related as he knew his rankings were dropping by the term and felt he had to do too much offensively and moved away from the type of game that makes him a prospect. Whatever team takes Biggs is putting in a 3 or 4 year commitment to develop a picture perfect grinder and not a lot of teams like to do that when the upside is so obviously limited. But players like Biggs, when they have success, can be game changers in the Cal Clutterbuck sense. Players that relish physical contact, can take a regular shift, and pot 10, 15, or perhaps even 20 goals from your third line while killing penalties are almost as rare as snipers that can pop 30 a year and nearly as valuable. Not as exciting for fans, but coaches love it. I don't see his upside as being incredibly high nor do I see his downside being as low as Dave does by placing him in the Jessiman category. I think he'll be an NHL player, but at what expense? If you use a Top 15 pick on this player, then you obviously expect more than the player that I described earlier or at least hope for more. In the 25th to 30th range? Take it. I wouldn't expect him to make it out of the late teens.

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