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05-16-2011, 01:04 PM
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HF Beer Thread

Hopefully the mods let this stay open as long as people are responsive to it.

But I just recently really got into Innis and Gunn. I have drank it for a couple years but only the original and blonde. I recently tried the Highlander Cask and the Rum Cask and am now absolutely hooked on the stuff. But my only issue is that I live in Leduc and Sherbrooke Liquor store is the only place in Edmonton that I know of that sells more than just the original and blonde Innis and Gunn.

So does anyone know of any other liquor stores that sell a decent selection of Innis? Also does anyone know of a place where a guy can find those sweet Innis and gunn glasses with the stem? Or any other Innis and Gunn merchandise?

Also I'd love to hear other peoples recomendations for great beers that move away from the typical Canadian, Bud, Keith's, Rickards type of beers.

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