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Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
I think you're right on hockey, I'd have to look. However, few actually show CBC, they have the Center Ice package. I may be mistaken, but I suspect NHL Center Ice has a special business package they distribute.

Obviously with things like UFC and such, there are other considerations when they charge admission too.

Regardless, this a law that is routinely flaunted and ignored and it's a case by case basis. Literally, anything (up to the jersey) could get you in trouble if someone chose to press it. The line usually gets drawn at using the actual logos in advertising that is visible in public. Seems fair to me.

Look at the photo: This "sign in the window" is like 20 feet tall and hanging from the side of a building.

And yes, it does. Why on Earth would Mikes pay for NHL endorsement deals where it uses the logos leaglly when this and any other greasy spoon in town can do it for free?
Because everyone who wants to put up a flag of the Habs or the Habs logo anywhere during the playoffs in Montreal should be able to if you ask me. I see absolutely no harm in it, in fact I think it's great for the city and for the NHL. The NHL interjecting here is nothing but greed. Although in today's world that is really not surprising. God forbid they ignore a little copyright law and let fans have fun during the playoffs!

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