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05-16-2011, 04:15 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
If you took time to think for a second, you'd realize it's not just the ISS lists that are changing. The U18s are having more of an impact on player placement in this draft than I can remember in recent years. Guys simply have nothing really to go on with a lot of these players for whatever reason (be it a crappy goaltending or defensive pool throughout the draft) and the U18s are causing a staggering amount of changes in stock. We have seen a guy like Biggs fall straight out of the top 30 based off of a mediocre tournament when he was in the teens. This is not the U20s, where it's expected to see a lot of player movement. The fact that you are not scared of this draft is just insane to me. I would be terrified if I was a pro scout and my reputation was on the line with an early pick.

Some teams will always find gems in the draft. I'd much prefer to move the picks for established talent at this point, even if it meant losing a bit of value on the picks due to the nature of the draft. There will ALWAYS be teams out there willing to move good players for picks -- even if the draft is crap.
maybe your boy mr biggs just aint that good.

there are quite a few big time draftniks that arent on the biggs bandwagon, so to speak. and im not surprised that hes dropping based upon his no show at the u18. you act as though a weak u18 should go unnoticed and ignored.

as for this draft, if we could sign a young goal scorer i would also consider moving picks. problem is, im not sure that guy is available.

this draft lacks sizzle. im with ya there, but it doesnt lack talent. they are just not as numerous or maybe not as shiny and attractive as recent years. none the less, they are there.

especially some of the lesser known euros both at forward and defense.

and i continue to really like the big swede netminder and i dont mean fasth. we need to look seriously at net going forward. time to start thinking about grooming the next great swede goalie.

i mean this dude with the cool name

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