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05-16-2011, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Phunhog View Post
Well, my Flyers road Giroux came in the mail from Vorhees SZ and I have to say I'm a little bummed. It's heat pressed and twill out the azz. I had told the manager over the phone that i didn't want that, and he said "we don't do it that way here" and "we use the same company that does the Flyers use". Well then the Flyers must play in some crappy jerseys.
Dude, you were taken over... It's obvious to me that the turn around was much too short for them to have sent a blank to their 'people' and had the customization done and returned and mailed to you... They grabbed one of the pre-made jerseys that is sold in retail shops or at the Wells Fargo FanGear shops and sold it to you. That is not acceptable and I would return it, and if not rectified I would try and have the Credit Card company reverse the debit if purchased on a charge... You made an agreement for a stitched professional jersey and should have received nothing short of that.

When I had my blanks done at Voorhees SZ I was told it would take two weeks, and that is how long it took... I received professional on ice quality jerseys as promised... No way they did all that and transported it and then mailed it in such a short turnaround.

I am shocked... and I feel bad because I recommended them to you and gave them high praise for their work... I will not do such again in the future. You have my apologies, my friend.

Good luck with getting that rectified.

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