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05-16-2011, 08:47 PM
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I think the Wilson work ethic thing is kind of stupid. This high ceiling just isn't there, it wasn't at BU just because he has size and hands doesn't mean he can be like Joe Thornton and lead the NHL in assists if he busted his hump more.

The guy needs talented linemates, period. And hes a #2 center who can elevate his play at times to look like a #1 but he won't do it all season long and can't. Sad to see the self fulfilling prophecy's are underway with him. I think hes a nice 2/3 center who can step in for the #1 guy whenever and will give you 50 points a year with respectable 2 way play.

This year the Preds did not lose too much playing Smithson over him in the playoffs but next season you need to create a good line for Wilson and stick with him. The Preds are very close to outgrowing Trotz and Poile needs to be ready to can Barry. I am sorry but Trotz gets more credit than he deserves.

Before the blueline became all world in Nashville and the best in the NHL guys like Kariya and Forsberg were on the team (Barry couldn't get out of the first round with them like we all know), and while it was not one of the games elite teams Trotz trapped it up and took no risks to keep them respectable. Then his GM gives Barry the best blueline in hockey. Its not like the team is going to regress now with that D and Weber and Suter turning into top 5 NHL D men is it?

But it also means there is no chance the team can spread its wings and be a dominant force in the league like it is capable of if a Wilson-Radulov 3rd line went down. Get a line like this going and have two more with the likes of SK, Legwand, Fisher, Goc, Erat on them and the team will be amazing:


If thats the Preds third line next year the league better watch out. But look around the west Vancouver will be good of course, LA is stacked with prospects and DD, Chicago have won a Cup recently, Anaheim have two amazing lines and a solid D, the Sharks aren't playoff chokers anymore. I think its pretty important that Barry is not allowed to hold the team back with vendetta's against guys who are offensive players.

Do the Penguins win the Cup in 09 if Bylsma acts like Trotz would and benches Malkin in the playoffs for taking shifts off?

The messed up thing is no matter how much bad crap Trotz does to hurt the team and hold it back Ellis is a freaking stud and is going to step in and help out big time so it will camouflage the mediocre coaching.

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