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05-16-2011, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
Yea, there's no other way... had to be: order taken... grab jersey off rack... and get out in mail before last pick up. Friday order on a Monday delivery would have been fantastic had it been a stock jersey with sewn on kit the same size as the Flyers wear... but this is nothing more than getting a McDonald's burger at a special occasion restaurant.

To be honest I am totally disappointed with VSZ and they have lost good word of mouth promotion... Anyone who has been reading this thread knows how many people I have recommended them to, and now they have lost that.

At least I hope they didn't charge you top dollar for it.
Sawdalite... the guy dosent know what hes talking bout do not stop refering SZ

as said

In the begining of the season they grab 50 jersey and send them to PE to get done up as popular players this year it was Bobrovsky, Pronger, Giroux, Briere, Carter, & Richards

they are done up to the same standards as anyother jersey

they put them on the rack for Training Camp fans who want a jersey RIGHT AWAY not 2 weeks from now

most of the time they have 5 or 6 left by the end of the season of the 50 that were out there...

when are phuong called, they grbbbed one and sent it to him... it the same jersey me and you have... no chance he have the fake-me-out NHl.COM crap... ill bet my 300+ jersey collection which is worth SEVERAL thousands of dollars on it.

PHuong take some pics andpost them here... and explaing exactly what wrong with it...

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