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05-16-2011, 10:39 PM
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I think the best tip given so far is you have more time than you think. But, ill go opposite of that as well. Stop waiting till the last second to move the puck!!! Drives me nuts.

Just because there's no one around you or you arent in danger of losing the puck to someone doesnt mean you cant move the ALL situations. How many times have you seen this:

Person has the puck with no one around but a forechecker is closing in. Person with the puck waits until the forechecker is right in his face to try to pass and now has pretty much no options and most of the time makes a crappy pass or a pass that the forechecker tips.

TIP: The closer the forechecker gets to you the less options/angles you have.

Or how many times have you seen this:

2 on 1. Instead of making tic-tac-toe passes and confusing the hell out of the D and the goalie, forward with the puck just holds the puck until both players are pretty much in the crease and then tries to pass it across. The D knows what youre gonna do, the goalie knows what youre going to do...everybody knows what youre gonna do.

TIP: The longer you wait the less options/angles you have.

I think what happens is that the inexperienced player thinks the only way to beat the opposing team with the puck is to wait till they're close. Because then once you pass it away there is no way the opposing player will get to the puck. In reality, you can pass it much earlier and there is still no way the opposing player will get to the puck.

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