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10-16-2003, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Hairball
LT Thank you for starting this... at this point in the season, why is there so much negativity? There isn't much to panic about. There's only been 2 bad games. I'm still pretty excited about this season.
Its only two losses. Probably every team in the NHL will lose two at one point, and that doesn't mean they're teams without hope. And Phoenix is on fire and reborn from ashes this year (weird how that reference works!), but its still a reasonable bet that they won't be in the playoffs.

The real worrying part is their craptacular play during these losses. Canucks game was merely grim. The Calgary game was odious.

My positives are as follows:
  • After a long summer without hockey, I enjoyed the Calgary game even if I despised the result. If Calgary were a good team, I wouldn't mind losing to them so much. Despite that, my heart was pounding at the end and I honestly liked watching them play. People forget the simple things in life. I honestly feel sorry for any fan who values winning so much that they miss out on the fun.
  • Hemsky is continuing to amaze me. This time, however, its not his fancy stickhandling or eye-popping passes (although he's made a few), its that he's looking actually pretty GOOD in other aspects of the game, like carrying the puck on the PP and in the defensive zone (sometimes). I'd be pretty happy with a mostly 1-dimensional player if he'd be a bona fide 1st line talent. While there's not guarantees for him to be one (I like his chances), I think its great to see other dimensions. A positive.
  • Salo looked good. Different. Better.
  • The D was fine. Smith looks pretty good IMO.
  • Bergeron is fitting nicely with Ferguson.

A short list, but that's all the positive things I can really see at this point.

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