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05-17-2011, 04:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
He used the logo without permission.

Same as the car company in Vancouver.

They were singled out not for "Go Team Go," but because they paired that with a logo.

This isn't rocket science. People cannot use other people's intellectual property in their advertising.
well indeed your right but the logo is also an historic part of our culture... The go team go trademark is just a total direspect of the sport and his history... The Nhl must face the fact money isnt the duty of a sport ... If we cant support our team well then this sport IS A COMPLETE NONSENS! we can sue them to always put the american anthem first cuz we create this sport(sarcasm) ... Those foolish people cant see the reality and they dream to pay there dept! ... The go team go cant be trademarked to me cuz since we cheer we use that form or the Go go go team version ... There were no creation or developpement to get this form so imo its off trademark! Its not Nikee ...

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