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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
Don't be buying your Emelin jerseys just yet. As Trevor Timmins told me last night when I asked if Emelin is coming over.... "I'll believe it when he's in North America."

the team thought he was coming over a couple of years ago too when he changed his mind, so until he's signed on the dotted line and booked his flight no one is assuming anything in the organization.

As for Diaz, Trevor really liked what he saw from him when he scouted him in February. Says he has incredible gap control and is a good skater.
I gotta say... this answer by TT does not make me happy at all. In fact it sort of infuriates me (definately not your fault Mr.Mcagg ), due to the fact that we have too many Diaz' and not enough Emelin's.

Emelin, with his physicality is >> over just about anything else I heard of the hbs chasing to date. He's #1 priority, due to the fact that it is anticipated that he can help as early as next year, and provides a piece of the game we dont have covered really well...

But it really drives me nuts, that I was just mentioning as to why management needs to be rotated, the scouting department chases ONLY guys who can skate. So therefore, ANYONE

who plays a game with size/physicality is off of Timmins radar, and it's a HUGE fail that we havent gotten ONE big physical player who can skate since O'B and Komisarek... Even those guys were missing the edge needed to be a nasty player. They could hit well, but nastiness has been missing in Montreal for a LONG TIME... and from this message he gave Mr. Mcagg, TT and crew are more excited for Diaz than Emelin!

Emelin cements our LD crew until Tinordi will be ready to step in.

Boston shows us yet again, that we need to get more physical, just as Philly did the year before.
& thse guys are going to ignore the issue, and pick up good skaters, who are soft as creampuffs.

We have WAY too many guys who can play the entire game with eggs strapped to their shoulders, and at the end of the day, the eggs would still be intact.

Note to the staff of the habs: EMELIN is exciting!! I could care less about a 25 year old RHD who is 5'11 180 pds. who does NOT play physical whatsoever. Our guys have been knocked out twice in two years, by bigger more physical clubs, who rode our little guys in the boards, and intimidated them to the point where they underwhelm us with performance.
It is about time, that we at least START making it a hard time to walk in to Montreal to play the habs. Too many times last year, we looked like going for a sunday skate.

Emelin is a start to that. Diaz is not.

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