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05-17-2011, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by TheBuriedHab View Post
How does that in any way say that they are not going hard after Emelin or TT does not want him? He just has his doubts that he signs because they thought he was coming over for sure before and he stayed in russia. I'm sure Emelin is a bigger priority than Diaz, they were just not aloud to negotiate with him until russia was out of the tournament. Theres a difference between wanting somebody and having doubts that they will sign. I have no idea how you came to that conclusion, it really baffles me.
It baffles me that TT yet again sign a non-physical skilled undersized player, if this is NOT confirmed!

What does Diaz bring to the table that we DONT HAVE?
I can tell you what Emelin brings without even having to think about it (physicality) if you cant guarantee/confirm that he will use his hand and sign it over, based on how we exited the season... WHY is management STILL chasing pieces of fluff?

I would prefer to hear that we signed another tough guy IN CASE a situation like the one TT says does come out...

But I will say,
IF it does come out, and Emelin resigns in the KHL, we just wasted yet another roster spot on an undersized skilled defenceman (FROM Switzerland nonetheless! They're more known for their SOFT players than anything physical at all!)
Domenichelli plays there, Dube went there, Streit is not tough, and was swiss cheese defensively (which led to his being not resigned)
Weber plays forward because he isnt strong enough in the backend to handle the Lucic's.

But lets add another few more of THOSE guys

It goes back to this club grabbing 2 of everything they like. Only problem is it doesnt work!

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