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05-17-2011, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
You mean like the Chicago Blackhawks? What about the Redskins? Do you have any idea what those images represent? Its a double standard, nothing more. The lawyers always hide behind the idea that the trademark laws are there, in case the logos are used in a manner they disapprove of.

Because if they went by the letter of the law, they would be jailing thousands of kids in elementary schools for drawing images, using NHL logos without permission.

I agree the league has every right to protect its image, but I'm curious why they chose this guy rather than the big fish who make illegal jerseys etc.
Seems you don't quite comprehend what the matter here. It is the violation of a TRADEMARK, a legal right to use a name or image, not how "offensive" the image is.

Little kids drawing the CH ain't going to be sued because the signs are exact replicas and they aren't making them to advertise some business.

Funny that you should be up the Redskins, because a few months ago, the Redskins organization told the Washington Post that they could not use the Redskins name on the blog "Redskins Insider" because the name's TRADEMARK is owned by the Redskins organization.

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