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05-17-2011, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Just as long as the NHL drops the thing in a few days then ok.
BUT if the NHL actually wants to go to court to get that 89K, well two can play that game.
Basha calls a press conference and in front of National Press right in front of the live camera's, he drops to his knees and pleads his heart out and asks the NHL to not take his business, not force the sale of his house to pay off this dept, not force him to remove his kids from University and start eating from food banks. Trot out his wife and kids and if he has one, a real baby and pleads for his babies life. All live on TV. You want a war well you got one.
you got it

I hope the Canadiens brass realize this as an opportunity to stand up to the Evil Empire for one of their own.

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