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05-17-2011, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Championship teams have a goalie in net who can make the stops and a team who plays as a group in the coaches system. This team is not doing that and they lack a goalie. Championship teams also do not have guys like Bartulis as their #6 and a player like Read who has little/no professional experience.

And this is by no means a blow up, some tweaks in the right areas.

Lose Carter, Carle, Hartnell, Leino(UFA), and bring in guys who have won a Stanley Cup in Larose, Cole, Bryzgalov, and a high end prospect who is under contract for a couple more years.

And IMO this team needs a little overhaul, too much complacency. There has been a belief that they are so good that they just need to "flip the siwtch" and they can win on a whim. It does not work in the NHL, time to get guys who want to come and play on a nightly basis. The window is small, make whatever changes helps the coach get the players he needs to do his job, which is coach, not babysit.
Losing Carter, Carle, Hartnell and Leino is not a 'tweak'. Goaltending is a serious issue, but you don't need to lose 4 major contributors to fix the problem.

Look at the teams that are left and you'll see defensemen who are not all that much better than Bartulis filling in roster spots. Aaron Rome, Kent Huskins/Jason Braun, Randy Jones, Shane Hnidy. These guys were all 7/8 on the depth chart and have been forced into playoff hockey. Bartulis is much the same. Hell, the Flyers almost won a Cup with Bartulis/Parent AND Krajicek on the roster.

The window to win a Championship is small, which is why you don't make massive roster changes. The team's core is good enough to win now, unless you believe a team that played pretty terrible hockey for 40% of the season yet still managed to finish 3rd overall lacks the talent to get the job done.

Addressing goaltending without blowing the team up should be the main priority heading towards the free agency period.

I deride your truth handling abilities
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