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05-17-2011, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Patccmoi View Post
That's true, however why do you think he first put the Habs logo and text and THEN masked it? He had to receive a warning of some sort, and there's very good chances that it came from people who were asking him to take it out...

The fact is the guy very likely thought that what he did was enough and he invested in the add so he didn't feel like removing it altogether, but it likely didn't satisfy the NHL.

It's so easy to take the side of the poor small restaurant owner against the evil big corporation, and that was my initial feeling too, but the more you think about it and analyze the whole situation, the more it seems like he just went too far with how he approached it. It's likely an honest mistake, and I hope that he can manage not to pay the bill and find another deal with them (and that public outing of the whole thing should hopefully suffice to prevent other people from copying what he did).

It's one thing if he just put some flags and wrote "Go Habs Go!" in chalk on his daily menu, it's another to have a 20 feet banner that associates the Habs brand directly to his product.
Article says he heard of... for all we know it may just be a friend who told him he could be in trouble for using Habs logo (hence why he only painted Habs logo) nothing more...

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