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05-17-2011, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Horton18Horton View Post
How am I wrong? The restaurant owner claimed association by using the Habs logo in his advertising.

Actually no, if this were to go to court, the restaurant owner would be proven wrong and fined. Not the 89K that the Habs/NHL are requesting IMO, but more than a slap on the wrist.

Nice try, but claiming you're just "a fan", and had no intentions of benefiting/profiting from this type of advertising would not be a defense I would recommend.

Cage aux Sports I believe also has a sponsorship deal with the Habs. Meaning, they pay for their rights to advertise, using the Habs.
same could be said about the guy who wrote the song, claiming assoc. by using Habs logo/images/videos. No ?

Actually, if my business was to sell Shawarmas (not beer, or fast food or sport equipment) I would play the fan card for sure. WHAT the guy is selling in his business is important. Him making more money because of the Ad has to be shown somehow. It's all about context.

tell me, do you REALLY think the guy sells more -> Shawarmas <- because of the Habs logo on his sign ? really...

I know about la Cage, only gave them as an example of a business making money off sporting events, as in there's no way such a business could pretend not to do it for $.

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