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Originally Posted by Horton18Horton View Post
I'm not disagreeing, but according to the law, Annakin Slayd has every right to record this type of song. Just the same as your band had the right to record "Go Habs Go" (Is that on YT by the way?)

Going after the little guy (Basha) isn't right, but they have to use him as an example. I just don't understand why Basha didn't remove the banner when he received the first notice.
I added to my post afterwards it kind of replies to yours so I'll just repost.

"Besides it's good for the NHL. I fail to see how this hurts them in any way, shape or form. It's a good thing to stir up hype for your "product".

They are in the wrong here imo. And yes I know that legally no they are not. Morally I mean, and also in terms of the damage this lawsuit causes them in the public eye. They come across as a greedy giant going after Mr. Mclittle for the sake of "potential" money earned because of their logo. It's just bad business and lack of vision."

**** if anything they should ENCOURAGE this type of stuff.

Link to the song from 08

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