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05-17-2011, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Horton18Horton View Post
I'm not disagreeing, but according to the law, Annakin Slayd has every right to record this type of song. Just the same as your band had the right to record "Go Habs Go" (Is that on YT by the way?)

Going after the little guy (Basha) isn't right, but they have to use him as an example. I just don't understand why Basha didn't remove the banner when he received the first notice.
Dont know either and It would have been the smart thing to do... but hey! for all we know he went to Rona to buy a can of red paint the next day to get rid of it quickly and then forgot about "completing the task"...

or he could be just trying to extend as much as he can to get more exposure.

There's one thing though, I havent read anything about the guy receiving a "first notice", I missed something ?

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