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10-16-2003, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by momentai
You said it yourself. We don't know how well Semi has been playing in scrimmages and practices. But we DO KNOW how our defense has been playing in the past 3 games and it is not altogether impressive.

You, of course, are assuming that coaches and GMs are perfect and see eye-to-eye in every subject. Until they all come out and say Semi hasn't been good enough to get into the lineup, I don't see how you could claim they are all on the same wavelength here. I don't see how the coaches could know necessarily know if Semi was a better fit or not either frankly. It's tough to judge how he'd react to in-game situations when he hasn't been in any to speak of.
I'm sorry, Momentai, but if a player isn't doing the right things in practice, chances are he won't be doing them in the games either. This of course is an assumption, but so is yours seeing as neither of us know for sure.

And not once did they say he was absolutely horrible either. From all the reports I've seen, he hasn't been mentioned much at all. Again, tell me how you can gather any type of respectable opinion on a defensive player from highlights where the majority of them cover goals scored in preseason?
You also completely left out the point I made about him having the same kind of occurances in the AHL and OHL... that was a main factor to my argument. Anyone who has followed Semenov at all has seen when he gets into this rut, and he isn't very good. No, they didn't say he was horrible, but when you are out on the ice against AHLer's and looking bad, you are going to look worse against the real players.

There we go. Just what I wanted you to say. So Ryan Smyth can play because he is one of the Oilers' best players. And Semenov cannot because he showed last year that he was one of the Oilers' best defenseman. I smell double standard here. Big time.
Let's put it this way... Cross is a lot closer to Semenov in terms of what they bring than anyone else on the Oilers is to Smyth (especially when you talk about guys like Rita, Salmo, etc...). Smyth is also learning a new position, but that isn't really what I argued before.

I never said Brewer had played exceptional last year. However, last year he was more able to make offensive plays with Semenov as his partner. Now I see Cross making those same forays and it's limiting Brewer's opportunities. I don't know about you.. But if I had the choice, I'd choose Brewer creating some chances with Semi covering rather than Cross doing the same with Brewer covering.
Once again, that is leaving the assumption that Semenov is even remotely close to being able to be effective. Granted, I would love it if the Semenov from last year was in the lineup, but I am not sure we have that right now.

They haven't been costly because the other players haven't scored. Cross made two bad giveaways in Calgary. One ended up in our net and the other went right off the post. Nothing the forwards could do to stop those.

Whether or not those giveaways hurt more or less than the forwards backchecking is irrelevant. We don't want either of those to happen. Making those giveaways leads to the defense scrambling in their own zone and a loss of momentum. I'd say that it's significant either way.
Well let's also talk about Ryan Smyth not noticing Staois get knocked down on the 1-0 goal for vancouver. Or Mike York failing to get back, or even Horcoff getting beat by Jiri Slegr of all people for the 3-0 goal.

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