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Originally Posted by AJBergy86 View Post
So my junior team had try-outs this past weekend. I went out there without being on the ice for almost 3 months because of school and an injury suffered in the playoffs last season. He knew this, and I feel that I played as best as I could under the circumstances.

After the try-outs, we had a one on one meeting session with him and he told me that he is not in a position to give me a contract for next season, but depending on what happens in the coming weeks, I might get a call. He also briefly said something about my age (18), which leads me to believe that my age had something to do with his decision also. Nearly all of the kids from last seasons team were also cut.

I feel slightly betrayed, especially after all the screw-ups last season in the travel department, namely buses that broke down nearly every road trip, not getting 3 meals a day, and things of that nature. Also the management was horrible, and they often messed things up when it came to payments and billet families. I just feel like I got screwed.

Sorry for the rant, I am just really angry and needed to vent. I think that my hockey career is pretty much over, and now I am going to concentrate on school and get a job.
Find a local minor league team and reach out to them regarding open tryouts.

I wouldn't give up just yet.

Still just 18 years old.

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