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05-17-2011, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
When an AHL goaltender caught fire for 3 weeks. I agree, people are overrating Reese a bit I think...

People are citing Leighton as proof. Leighton was an AHL goalie when he started with Reese, he'll be an AHL goalie when leaves Reese...

On Bob. Identifying flaws in his game is the easy part. Getting him to change is harder. They are called habits for a reason. If a player plays the same way his whole life, its not exactly easy to get him to change, even if he wants too.
It just takes time...Bob's issues are mechanical. It's stuff that you can get him to work on, but yes, it takes time to break bad habits. Probably another season or two. The kid seems to have the right attitude about improving, so it should be possible to accomplish, it'll just take time...barring some mental collapse or this team giving up on him, or something.

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