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05-18-2011, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
the following sentence I am about to write is in NO WAY meant as a distasteful sentence, or knock on the guy at ALL...

But, Sather doesnt have a good history on hiring a goon during free-agency. I understand he can GET a goon but the price he pays is way too much. Case in point, Boogard. God Rest His Soul.

But the price we paid to have Boogey here scares the hell out of me that Sather would throw 1.6 MILLION to Zenopka

Again, not trying to be disrespectful as I understand the wounds are still VERY new and sore over the unfortunate loss of Derek Boogaard. But we ALL know Sather crapped the bed when he gave out that huge contract to Derek. Again not taking away the type of player Derek was or the Man he was. Just saying we overpaid tremendously. 1.6 for a kid that hadnt scored in 234 games? A kid who can ONLY fight. Not a good signing at all and I am scared to death that Sather might go out and try and replace Derek with another lesser type role player for the same cap hit
Konopka can actually play hockey, Boogard couldn't. Not that he's worth 1.4 mil/year, but i would be much more comfortable having him under that salary than Boogy.

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