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10-16-2003, 10:32 AM
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You'd rank Toronto 13th in the East?
Are you on drugs?
Well, it depends how many injuries you have. A lot of your guys have a tendency to get injured. Belfour is a year older and he was your team last year in the playoffs.

Boston, with Potvin in net and three good forwards?
Washington, with a weaker D than we have?
Buffalo, with no scoring talent?
Atlanta, with...nothing?
NY Rangers, with the same problems as we have only moreso?
Carolina, last in the NHL last season and Weekes in net?
Montreal, with 8 rookies?
Boston --Has Felix and Raycroft (shut out the Stars last night) They also have Thornton, Rolston, Murray, Samsonov and rookie Bergeron and good defense with Boynton, Gill and O'Donnell.
Washington--They have a great goalie and a lot of scorers on that team.
They also have a Norris trophy candidate in Gonchar.
Buffalo--I didn't know Miro Satan, Briere, Dumont, Drury, and Afinegenov didn't count as scoring talent. They also have 3 good goalies.
Atlanta--They only have the desire to make the playoffs in memory of a lost teammate. They have Kovalchuk, Stefan, Savard and a good young goalie.
NYR---God forbid, they may actually pull it together this year. Holik,
Lindros, Nedved, Lundmark, Carter, Poti, Leetch (when he's back)
and Blackburn, Dunham and the goalie they got from EDM.
CAR--Has Ron Francis, Rod Brind 'Amour, rookie Eric Staal, Glen Wesley
who was smart to get out of Toronto. They have Weekes who did well even though the rest of the team didn't at the end of last year. They also have Jamie Storr. Vasicek, Cole, O'Neill, Hedican, Boughner, Markov...Shall I keep going?

These teams have a lot of hungry, young players that can fire the puck in the back of the net which the Leafs seem to have trouble doing so far.

Go back to your own board, troll.
Grow up, I mean really. You don't like hearing the truth but no need to resort to name calling. Moving on....

You really think the Wings would take a broken down, old player like Leclair who doesn't produce anymore? And Seidenberg? Ya, thats just want the Wings need, more defense. The wings need a centerman, and thats what the Flyers would have to give up to get Cujo. With Hackett in net the Flyers are going nowhere.
Well, there is always Somik and Chouinard up there for trade bait. I like Somik and Chouinard but I wouldn't be upset if they were gone. Chelios will be retiring soon, Hull and Yzerman. We have young talent that they could use so a trade between the Wings and us is not out of the question. As far Hackett goes, everyone badmouthed the guy before he played a game for the Flyers. We have one of the best blue line corps in the league and with them what did he do in his opening night? a shutout. He doesn't flop around like #32 did. If anything, our team will become more of an obvious contender for the Cup with Hackett solidifing his play. He can actually communicate with the defense, they know him and they are comfortable with him.

You mean all 2 games of it? I havn't heard Roenick, Gagne, or Amonte being mentioned this year yet either, I guess they aren't even going to score 20 goals either. And Nolans not injuried.
Nolan did nothing for the Leafs in the playoffs and I have not heard one mention of him at all. I guess you missed all the scoring chances Tony had in the Sabres game. Oh, and you want to know why you haven't heard Tony, JR and Gags not mentioned? It's because of this:

Justin Williams 1g 2a Donald Brashear 1g
Mark Recchi 1g 1a Michal Handzus 1g
Sami Kapanen 2a Claude Lapointe 1g
Eric, Joni and Preems all have 1 assist.

See, we don't just depend on JR, Tony and Gagne. We know they will score. Each guy from every line is chipping in. Toronto doesn't have that depth like us.

Last year Amonte played 72 games, Kapanen 71, Leclair 31, Gagne 46, Williams 41 - the Flyers aren't excatly a team build on strong, healty 80 game players. And the last two year Nieuwendyk has played 78+games
Amonte---got here with about 13 games left in the season
Kapanen---Went through a slump. He's out of it.
Leclair--Got his shoulder crushed when a Pen sent him into the boards
and if that didn't happen he would have about 30 or so goals.
Gagne---Had two tears in his abdominal wall, that's fixed.
Williams---got his knee wrecked but came back to play a great series
against TOR.

But you should be watching out for Recchi, he is the one that burnt you like toast. Any one of our guys can pick up the scoring, Recchi, Zeus, Gagne, Williams, Roenick, Amonte, Primeau, Chouinard, Brash is good for 10-15 goals. Pitkanen, he's scary, how good he is. The powerplay is already so much better with him and Johnsson on it.

you jsut worry about his carrer GAA of 2.93 and s% of .902
Nah, the King fans will just have to worry about him letting it heartbreaking goals like the one he let in during the DET game. Solid in the regular season, comes apart in the postseason. He's still flopping all around.

The Leafs are the deepest teams when it comes to fowards. Last year they had 12 players with 10 or more goals and 7 with 3 more GWG's. Flyers had 7. The year before that they were even better with depth scoring. This year with Roberts and Nieunwedyk and Antropov and Tucker probably (hopefully) having better seasons they will be back to the form they were 2 years ago. It helps to know what your talking about before you speak.
Oh my goodness, I burst out laughing reading that one. The Leafs are one of the deepest teams when it comes to forwards? Are you for real?
Can you send out at least 5 lines in a game that will produce night in, night out? No, obviously not since you haven't won a game yet. We can do that. Look at all the guys who have been helping out with the offense on our team. You say you had more players who scored but where were they when we whipped in Game 7 of the series? Were they hiding? Roberts was playing, Nolan was playing, Sundin was playing, Almo was playing? If you are so deep, why didn't you beat us? Oh, wait, I know why, because you didn't score and your defense let in so many goals it was kind of sad. Roberts and Joe will be 37. Eddie is up there too. Tucker, Domi (i hear he is being shopped), Belak, Marchment are all penalty getters. You can't be serious saying you have a deep team? Not likely.

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