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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
I don't think it is great news that Hossa was fired also, now it means Majo will only now very rarely represent. Of course it is not good to keep an assistant coach around just for that reason, but I am telling you the reality.

I feel that Hanlon deserved to be fired after the monumental disaster in the home World Championships. Someone needed to pay for that. On the other hand I believe it would be good to keep Hanlon around now as his passive defensive style will be useful given we have no quality players left. Hanlon is at his best when he has nothing to work with.

As for who I would hire: probably Riha or Stavjana if you were able to get them out of their existing contracts. After this World Championships I find I don't really care anymore. The time for low expectation hockey is now. We can't expect former ECHL guys like Zaborsky to carry us to a medal.
Sorry, but thatīs crap. Well, if Majoīs only motivation to play for Slovakia would be his father (or playing with his brother) then.... thatīs putting asides the fact that weīre talking about a 32 year old NHLer who will most probably be involved in the NHL play-offs during the WC and could be available at the earliest in Sochi 2014, where we have not qualified for it could mean that we finally get rid of Marcel too....good riddance on two counts in that case....

And who are you and what have you done with Kamzik anyway? Itīs not that long ago that you have been calling me pessimistic and have been really positive about our future.

And passive deffensive style is not the only thing you can do if you donīt have such a great player quality, but our player quality is not that bad, itīs just not on par or near the top 6, but hockey is played outside there as well and it can be pretty exciting. And anyway it is not player quality that wins games, just look at Finland.

Stavjaňa absolutely not, he is well known for his "love" for young players. If we were to go Czech, Iīd be a fan of Čada, if for nothing else for the way he handles his players, his really strict with them off-ice as well, maybe he could teach our players that the NT/WC is not just an excuse to get together and have fun...

So, basically youīre saying that you donīt care because we wonīt medal or donīt have a chance to? Do I understand you correctly? What a load of crap in that case- what kind of fan are you?s

Oh, and btw hmm ECHL guy leading Slovakia to medals never happened before, right? Like this dude in 2000 for example or the other bunch of nobodies from Czech/Slovak leagues who played infront of him....pretty much everyone on that team asides from a few NHLers like Šatan, Handzuš and Bartečko.....and that is not mentioning the way the KHLers from the 2nd best league in universe and the NHLers from the best league in the universe have played for us in recent years....

Personally, I am pretty excited about the few next years and will be more than happy to finally stop seeing the same faces not only on ice, but on the bench as well.....

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