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05-18-2011, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
I really don't understand some of you. We already need to do some tinkering/trades to be cap compliant, you all realize this correct?

If we try and pursue a 6+ Mil goalie, our team is going to have to change dramatically. Yes we would be sounder in net, but we'd lose a chunk of our offense or defense...Not to mention we have to worry about our cap situation for the next year to sign someone quite important.

We need a goalie around the 4 mil range or under. How does Vokoun not make more sense than any of these other goalies?

This board is so bi-polar sometimes, its like a herd of you are some rambling mob "goalie goalie goalie". Let's not be so dramatic as to completely blow up the team for a goalie, let's work with what we have, trade assets that are worth something that we can do without (See: Versteeg/Carle etc) and get ourselves a realistic goalie. Who I might add, can probably perform on par with any of the ones mentioned if he has an average season for himself here. Yes, an average season for him will do this.
Thank you sir!

6 million for a goalie, especially with our cap situation, is absurd. My only slight disagreement is that I may go up to 5 for a goalie (I'd like to be at the 4 you mentioned however), it would just mean Versteeg/Hartnell and Carle have to go for sure. I'm ok with that.

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