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Of course anybody can look good on highlight films. Which is why I wonder why a couple qb's who were supposed to be better than Locker look so very average on their films, while Locker looked good?

Originally Posted by SmokeyClause View Post
As for him being a 'player,' I guess I just don't understand what that means.
It means he can get the job done.What do you think it means? It's the same as saying "he's a stud" or whatever other superlative people use.

I hear Gruden say it on MNF all the time, but its basically nonsensical praise and often a filler in the place of tangible attributes.
Sometimes it is filler. But sometimes it isn't. Sounds like you have an issue with the term whenever it's used, which seems like blind spot, to me. People know the difference between merely stats and between guys who will actually be able to play in the NFL who don't have those "system numbers".

If he was truly a playmaker, why were his teams so bad?
What? He was supposed to build the whole team? Draft his receivers? Build the O-line? Yeah, he had a lot of poor areas on that team, yet he still had some numbers.

The issue with Locker is the issue I have with sports analysis. There's really very little in the way of tangible metrics that support him actually being a legitimate starter in the NFL.
Yes, there are tangible metrics that support him being a good starter. You just disagree so you want to poo poo terms that people use to laud him. Would it have been better if I said he was not a player, but would still be a great quarterback? That wouldn't make sense.

A player means a talent who will be able to get the job done. Making plays, which you poke about, means some guys can still make a completion or a scramble when something goes wrong, others can't. (Roethlisberger makes plays... When you are unsure of whether he is in that category, or whether he is extremely acurate, which he is, wow, I guess you only consider the top three or four NFL starters to be playmakers or accurate.) True that most use it to mean someone who can use their athleticism and improvise and it's part of what I see, but not as an excuse, but an advantage Locker has. Yes "a player" should mean someone such as Manning who mentally adjusts and uses his accuracy, but in one respect you are right it can be used as an excuse just because someone can run. But in this case it isn't, Locker makes plays other qb's can't. Not somebody who merely looks good in a combine or can run a system in college (where it's much easier to succeed that way) but washes out on the NFL field. Sorry if coaches such as Gruden who realize factors other than just completion percentage really count bother you, compared to those with their formulas designed to back up their own opinions of what works. (Although I like quant analysis as much as anyone)

You have to watch the film to notice that Locker had one very good receiver, who he got the ball to regularly, and accurately, even in double coverage. He made a ton of throw aways, where someone bent on percentage would say he was inaccurate on those plays. At least several scouts agreed that many of his supposedly poor throws were safe throws where his receivers had no separation from the defense. And you can see it on the film, which is why highlight films do have some value. Until I watched them, I wouldn't have known that.

Personally, I think Vince Young was becoming "a player". His stats stink. But he made good plays too, and I thought he was just a year or two away from really being a consistent performer. But too bad the rest of his mind wasn't in the right place.

That's my only concern I have with Locker. He's plenty accurate enough. He's got a gun for an arm. But I have no way to know if he's one of those guys smart enough for the big jump to the schemes in the NFL. We'll find out. (Of course, a guy like Jay Cutler has all the tools, seems intelligent, but still makes a ton of dumb throws... and he still has a starting job...)

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