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To restate so that my point isn't lost in all of this discussion. I think that Jake Locker can become an average NFL starting QB. But his rise to a very good to great QB would be almost unprecedented. Without fail (save for Vick), the great QBs in this league are all very accurate. Personally, I wouldn't waste any pick on a QB that didn't have accuracy as his number one strength.

I'm not concerned with leadership or toughness (Peyton Manning was considered to have neither of these in college and Rodgers and Brees have been questioned for one or the other at times) or athleticism (it's a superfluous trait). They are all nice to have but not necessary. The only binding thread between all the great QBs of the past two decades is elite accuracy. And that's considered Locker's biggest weakness. He may not be as bad as they say, but just being average isn't enough. And it's certainly not enough for a top 10 pick.

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Sorry if coaches such as Gruden who realize factors other than just completion percentage really count bother you, compared to those with their formulas designed to back up their own opinions of what works. (Although I like quant analysis as much as anyone).
Don't apologize to me on behalf of Gruden. It's not your fault he's incapable of being anything more than cheerleader analyst who tells me someone's a "player" because he can't verbalize why they are good at their given role without using vague generalities.

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