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05-18-2011, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
It seems like the only purpose is to prove that one is right and the other is wrong. If you think I should go to school, well, why would I do that when I'm having so much fun being the uneducated clueless clown?..

Did you know that Rippetoe himself said he wasn't a nutrition expert? Kind of explains why he only has 1 page out of his 323 on nutrition..But, what do I know after all, and I know where this is going, you'll need proof before believing me. I don't have the quote, nor will I dig it up, so I guess you can go ahead and dismiss it if you want.

What is really funny however, is that the apparently non-scholar (somehow, I haven't been to school, and don't know anything about the science..) is the one that is saying GOMAD isn't good, while the cultivated, intelligent and obviously knowledgeable one is defending it (or should I say, belittling the one that did say it was bad).

I thought it was obvious as to why I thought I feel it's bad. I think I've made myself clear that whenever I speak about nutrition, no matter what the goal is, the priority in my mind is health. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear, my mistake.

The fat powerlifter comment was because that's what my friends wanted to look like. But the main purpose of it was to say that most will gain lots of fat from that diet. I don't think you would deny that. Personally, I don't consider any diet that makes you gain a substantial level of fat is good (healthy), hence the ''it's crap'' comment.
If anybody is fine with that, then great. I never said you, or anybody else, was ''this'' or ''that'' for thinking anything of this diet. I never said it won't make you stronger either. I never said it wasn't a great way of, indeed, making you stronger.
I said it was crap (obviously I was hinting at the health side of it, but clearly, it wasn't as obvious as I thought). To which you responded that it didn't matter if I agreed with it, saying ''that's the only thing Mark Rippetoe does, and he does it better than anyone posting here'', somehow suggesting I was pretending like I think I know more than him, which is ridiculous.

For the 70sbig guys, if I remember correctly, they include a conditioning part in their programming. Just like Crossfit Football and they are all for the GOMAD, it is an ''easy'' way of adding 2400calories to your diet, but they do good conditioning workouts that go along with it. SS doesn't do that, so most gain fat from it along with muscle and strength.

In any event, maybe that clarified what my ''it's crap'' comment was all about. Perhaps next time I'll choose my wordings more carefully so that nobody gets offended.

I can't help but lol @ the ''lol @ quality food. go to school.'' comment though. Even Rippetoe suggests it by saying you should eat meats, eggs, veggies and fruits. That's basically why he suggests GOMAD as it means 2400calories alone, and then you can add the quality foods from meats/eggs and fruits/veggies. But hey, what do I know, I don't go to McGill (or do I...??) .
Kriss, please put a sock it in. The only purpose is that one is right and the other is wrong. Are there any two posters that argue more than we do? No, so let's not go there. No one here is less guilty than the other.

Yes I did know that Rippetoe himself said that. I don't care for him or his opinions whatsoever. His recommendations have one purpose only: properly fuel an expected strength gain (200-250-300lbs on your squat). That will not happen eating celery. People who start GOMAD do not care about fat gain, they care about strength. That is what I'm trying to explain to you, I'm defending GOMAD because it's purpose is clear and it's results aren't exagerrated (he says you can easily gain 8% more in fat, no one is blind to the fat gain). And again, please stop with the finger pointing. No one is more guilty about belittling the other (fat powerlifters? SS my bible? But I will belittle you, because your opinions are inconsistent. Weren't you on your university football team? Didn't you preach in your early days here that you gained 35lbs in a summer by eating everything? Weren't you saying this with the same vigor and close mindedness you're using now?

But anyways, yeah, you should definitely go to school in science. Add some biochemistry classes to your curriculum. Try to get over 2.5/4, heck try to get 4/4, it's easy, trust me. You might start to understand how nutrients are used and just the way your body, your cells work, what's healthy, what's unhealthy. Heck, you could add in some basic biology and anthropology classes and take part in a study.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
So tell me, what exactly are my borderline dangerous recommendations??
I think he's talking about things like fasting and eating saturated fats.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
It has to be the bad things such as not eating starchy foods and not favoring grains.
No, that's just ******** and based on nothing.

Here's a new one for you Kriss: did you know that all the water you drink and shower with contains high amounts of fluoride due to the water treatement process(1ppm in some parts)? Did you know that distilled water doesn't? Maybe you should drink that.

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