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05-18-2011, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
if that was the case, LOTS of players would take "discount" to play where they want. Most dont.
I disagree with that.

The biggest priority for most athletes is their career. "fit" as an athlete (role, roster, coaching, cup chances) is probably as or more important than any other factor. (obviously a massive salary difference would hold more weight, but how many teams really outbid the market by massive amounts?)

The $ isn't important just bc of the bottom line, it's also about perceived "respect" or value for both team and player... A team that offers a player a huge raise and chunk of their cap is also saying "we believe in you this much" which is music to the ears of individuals with big ego's (any elite athlete has a big ego, which is NOT the same as saying they are necessarily egotistical).

Detroits brilliant "lidstrom" policy was an ingenious way to encourage other star players to take less without it reflecting poorly on their ego.

We have no idea how many players turn down more $ to play where they want to, be it via hometown discount or signing elsewhere.

Briere didn't take a "hometown" discount, but he did take less money to go where he did... I bet a very large chunk of players do that every year... Especially players on their 2nd+ ufa contract

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