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10-16-2003, 10:57 AM
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"Well, it depends how many injuries you have. A lot of your guys have a tendency to get injured."

Injuries can play a role for ANY team, and the Flyers also have a lot of players who get hurt a lot, look at last year.

"These teams have a lot of hungry, young players that can fire the puck in the back of the net which the Leafs seem to have trouble doing so far"

Oh, you NEED young players to win. Well I guess that means the Wings have no change of winning. Oh and in case you didn't notice the Flyers aren't excatly a team build on youth either.

"Well, there is always Somik and Chouinard up there for trade bait. I like Somik and Chouinard but I wouldn't be upset if they were gone. Chelios will be retiring soon, Hull and Yzerman. We have young talent that they could use so a trade between the Wings and us is not out of the question"

The Wings have a very strong development system and won't be hurting th at much when those guys retire. And dude, what you fail to realize is that by the time the Flyers realize that they need goal tending help other teams will as well. If someone like the Blues offer up Weight and the Flyers offer Somik and Chouinard who do you think will get Cujo. To get him the Flyers will have to give up a top 6 centerman. Whats the matter, don't like hearing the truth?

"Nolan did nothing for the Leafs in the playoffs and I have not heard one mention of him at all. I guess you missed all the scoring chances Tony had in the Sabres game. Oh, and you want to know why you haven't heard Tony, JR and Gags not mentioned? It's because of this"

How much Amonte do for the Flyers in the playoffs? And Nolan has had his share chances, just hasn't scored yet. I love it when Flyers fans get down on the leafs or a player when they have the same problem or one of their players do. And you said the Leafs top talent has produced yet, well neither has the Flyers. If they have to rely on Brasher for poitns its going to be a long season for the Flyers

"Can you send out at least 5 lines in a game that will produce night in, night out"

Well you only need to send out 4, and they have been playing with - Renberg/Sundin/Nolan, Roberts/Nieuwendyk/Tucker, Stajan/Antropov/Mogilny, Belak/Reichel/Domi - those top 3 lines can score just as well as any in the NHL. When you have 3 good, balanced scoring lines yes you have a very good offensive depth (hell, even the 4th line can score, though not as much). Every team has bad games, the Flyers mopped the floor with the FLyers twice in the playoffs. If you really knew anything about hockey you would know the Leafs do have on the deepest groups of fowards in the league.

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