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10-16-2003, 11:03 AM
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uh take it easy their cowboy, i dont think anyone is losing sleep over a 4th liner

Simon is the better theory. And this team is an allstar theory. And Kovalev is one of the world most talented offensive players......

simon can actually fight? when was this? what i miss from the past 3 years?

Simon has played with no pulse since signing his contract. much like half this team.

i am not saying stock would/should get 15 minutes a night but if he plays 2 mins and works his @$$ its still more than all these so called "talents" who have been outscored by what about? 11-2 is it?

in theory we shouldnt have lost to the two teams we 've lost to, but all the talent in the world cant save players who DO NOT CARE. thats the bottom line.

if this team had a bunch of rookies who made mistakes and worked their tails off i'd like this team better because at least then i will likely see players who care and want to better themselves, not players whom no one else wanted CLINGING to a career that is ending.

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