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05-19-2011, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Puck U View Post
No offense, but I'm not sure you do CNS ...

... to me at least, THIS is PSP's point of it all, the WE'VE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE but have Never seen the "Promised Land Highway" of the annual HF Prospect rating analysis.

What PSP is getting at is that ...

This year it's ... Schenn, Forbort, Toffoli, Weal, Kitsyn, Deslauriers, Vey, etc.
Last year it was ... Teubert, Voynov, Czarnik, Wudrick, Loktionov Hickey, Moller
The year before it was ... Bernier, Hickey, Moller, Simmonds, Lewis, Ryan, etc.
Before that it was ... Quick, Fast, Hersley, McGinnis, Tukonen, Lukacevic
Before that it was ... Brown, Boyle, Tambellini, Pushkarev, Grebeshkov
Before that it was ... Cammalleri, Frolov, Lehoux, Karlsson, Steckel, Lilja, Petiot, Rome, Huet
Before that it was ... Pavel Rosa, Aki Berg, Corvo, Kaberle, Barney, Parros, Storr, etc and on and on and on ...

Point being, for MANY years the Kings supposedly had a wealth of talented prospects that were going to have an impact on the Kings, if not the NHL, and help lead us to a Stanley Cup ... well, as Bon 'PSP' Jovi put it , "it's all the same, only names and faces change ... yet it seems we're wasting away". In the end it's nice to have a highly rated prospect pool, but the only result that matters is the final one, and we've been teased before, and are still left waiting for our first Cup.

Note ... I'm not trying to be 'PSP' pessimistic even though I'm sure it's coming off that way, I think it's great we've got the #1 ranked prospect pool as well as a current team that's a playoff level calibar team ... it should make for a strong bright future. Just we've seen it before, or at least close to it, only to have it mean nothing and then be torn down, called crap and be rebuilt yet again ... we'll see if we stay on path and can get better results this time.
But but but...

Squid Frolov Steckel Lijla Rome AND Huet all play(ed) in the NHL.

Brown Boyle and Tambellini all play in the NHL and Grebeshkov did until a sick family member saw him return home to play.

Quick is an elite goalie

and now to what matters to me...

Bernier, Moller, Simmonds, Lewis, are all currently on our own NHL roster (Moller is likely gone but until it gets the official announcement) and Hickey is still an exceptional NHL prospect who is simply taking the correct amount of time to develop as opposed to the astonishing early risers that we are being spoiled by.

The rest of the DL draft picks that you mention (excluding Hickey and Moller because you had already mentioned them and I had already addressed them) are either on their way, here or will be within the next season or two.

While I agree that we have all heard this line before over and over we haven't heard it from one of the greatest scouting/drafting GM's of his generation. I may not agree with DL all the time as a GM but you will be hard pressed to find his equal for turning picks/free agents into NHLer's. There are a few out there but not many.

How many times have we been able to say that our up and coming kids ended the season as the leading scorer's of their league's? It happens but not often at all. How many of them were considered to be the best in the world outside of the NHL? Again it has happened over the years but not often.

Finally how many of them have happened to be so great all at once and *not* just because we think so but because the entire NHL and almost all of its pundits think the exact same way? That hasn't happened in a long time.

We have seen an unprecedented amount of our own draft picks/prospects and free agents all make it on to our team and even more will be here next year.

I agree entirely that there is a ton of reason to be cautious but not as many as there have been in the past. I guess you can believe it as you continue to see it but I hope you can start seeing it soon.

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