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05-19-2011, 02:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
But but but...
kinda the point ... that I made, and I thought PSP was making though, is that while it's great that the Lombardi era of Kings Prospects are rated #1 ... it don't mean squat until the Kings Win a Stanley Cup.

Sure DL drafts great ... but you're post above proved my point that so did Taylor for the most part, though a few exceptions crept in, as evidence by how many of his picks have had successful to at least semi-successful NHL careers, and in fact many of Taylor's picks are still part of our current Kings. But in the end what did that get us ? NOT A CUP.

For as great as Lombardi drafts ... what did that get the Sharks ? NOT A CUP.

All I'm saying is, that while it's great to have such a promising prospect pool, there's obviously much more involved in putting together a successful Stanley Cup Championship hockey club, and until we reach that who's to say this group of kids ain't like the last group of kids, that was like the last, that was like the one before it, that was like the one's Lombardi drafted for San Jose ...

in closing we agree about it more than we disagree about it Tonellisghost, I was just trying to get across what I thought PSP was saying, as I remember it being said before, pull out the INTERNET-way-back-machine and read some of the hype and projected success our prospect pool was suppose to reap in years gone bye from HF, and it does beg to question, WHY is THIS group any better than Dave Taylor's group, or WHY is THIS group any better than Lombardi's SHARK's groups of prospect ... neither have a CUP to their name ... at least YET

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