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05-19-2011, 03:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Horseradish View Post
For the right trade, Souray's just a throw-in if you want him. We don't even ask for anything back, it's that messed up of a situation.

So instead, I think fair value would be to look at Boychuk, Ference, and one of Rich Peverley/Greg Campbell (we desperately need bonafide bottom 6 NHL-CALIBRE players who can play defensive hockey, the PK, and chip in from time to time on offense-- and we need another guy who can win a damn Faceoff) FOR Gilbert, Foster, Cogliano and a 3rd/middle range prospect (not for Campbell, but certainly for Peverley).

Breaking it down:
Gilbert > Boychuk
Foster < Ference
Peverley/Campbell vs. Cogliano -- I think Pev and Campbell are better players NOW, but they're older than Cogliano, and I think Cogliano have the higher potential upside.

Cogliano's shown he can be a 20 goal man, has become a solid PKer, but can't win faceoffs, so he's more of a winger. We need a centre. Bruins have an abundance of centres, but could use another winger on the PK as well as some more (comparatively cheap) secondary scoring from the wings.

3rd/middle range prospect is to make up for the relatively small discrepancy between the ability of Ference and Pev/Campbell over Foster and Cogliano.

I think both teams improve with this according to their needs, but curious to what others think:

Oilers take a step back in d-ability by downgrading from Gilbert to Boychuk, but Gilbert's become a popular whipping boy in town (for what, I can't say-- his numbers show that he's a pretty solid 2/3 d-man in comparison to other 2/3 d-men around the league).

Boychuk's a bit younger, more physical, and has the ability to get to Gilbert's level (though I doubt surpass it).

Oilers upgrade from Foster to Ference, and gain some leadership and certainly more grit. Ference is a bottom pairing d-man, but is better than Vandermeer at that, and likely would play an enhanced no. 4 d-man role on the Oilers next year.

For Boston, as the OP stated, they need help on their PP. Well Foster showed that with skilled players in TBay last year, he could be a very effective PP d-man. Other than that, if healthy, I think he's a stable bottom pairing d-man, much like how Ference was used for Boston, though not as physical.

Finally, Campbell for Cogliano is pretty lateral. It's an older, more physical bottom-6 grinder who can win faceoffs for a younger, faster sparkplug of a bottom-6er who's a good PKer and has more offensive upside.

If it's for Peverley, well Peverley's better, but that's when the Oil can start adding picks and prospects to sweeten the deal for Boston.

Coming out of that trade:

Hall Horcoff Hemsky
Omark Gagner Eberle
Paajarvi Campbell Jones
Hartikainen Fraser Brule


It would be nice to upgrade one more bottom-6 player, pick up another good two-way forward, and sign another top 4 d-man, but with that trade alone, a number of needs are met by the Oilers.

Curious if it would meet Bruins needs or expectations, and if not, what would be missing?
for me its not a horrible offer... but foster doesnt do much for me at all. id think hed be kind of a disaster maybe with mcquaid for our 3rd pairing.

i suppose he might be able to be moved in a 3-way... but i definitely dont feel all warm and bubbly taking him

and as for cogliano.., i dont doubt hes a better talent then peverly but he wants to play a top 6 role or he likely is going to sulk. we dont have a top 6 role for him to play

i like the attitude i see from brule better. i also like that brule and lucic have the history together. i know brule has a brutal season and has started real slow in his career to date... but at worst i expect him to be a 12-15 goal gritty 3rd line talant for years to come. its all i expect peverly to be in boston too. 12-15 goal 3rd line talent. not so much grit...

i am a sucker for grit

so i could go boychuck/ference/peverly for gilbert/brule and if its me... im pretty good right there. save whatever cap room i got to play the ufa market and let edmonton deal with foster some other way

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