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05-19-2011, 08:09 AM
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we drafted a goalie?
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I think this post from another board sums things up perfectly when discussing Eager. (and good for Joe)

Eager's claim to fame?

Too unskilled and undisciplined for the 2002 Phoenix Coyotes to keep their own 1st round draft pick
Too reckless for Philadelphia when they were still trying to tame Steve Downie at his worst
Too dirty for Chicago when they were trying to tame Kyle Beach who is notorious for injuring his own teammates when he picks fights in practice

San Jose had him on a good tight leash during the season and he was on course to deserving a 3rd/4th line slot in the NHL with a few years of good behaviour, and then McLellan acted like he was an ECHL coach finishing the last game of the season on a "guaranteed fight night".

Good on Thornton for taking over the locker room to chew out Eager while McLellan was busy at the post-game press conference (a rumour by someone working out in the hallway.) There should be a lot of teams willing to embrace him if the Sharks don't create the right organizational atmosphere after the fallout from this year's playoffs


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