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Originally Posted by ekcut View Post
1) Never chase a player behind the'll never catch him...go in front of the net and meet him at the other post.
I love this one and I couldn't agree more. I tell all my teammates to do this. I am the center on my line and me and my left winger have a set forecheck play that works nearly every time; When their defenseman goes behind the net I wait out front for him to try and skate it out. Once he tries to skate it out I pressure him and he then throws it towards the middle of the ice (if he's not thinking), or he tries to clear it up the boards where my winger is waiting for the puck. This play allows us to keep it in the zone for nearly our entire shift.

One tip from me has to do with moving the puck up the ice. When bringing the puck into the zone most people will start to skate it towards the boards (because there is more space), but you'll find most of your success comes from getting into the slot. So if you have some speed and the defenseman has to turn around to keep up with you, instead of skating towards the boards cut back towards the middle. This will throw a lot of Dmen off and even if he is able to stay with you then you should be able to use him as a screen.

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