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05-19-2011, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
I dont think anyone can prove anything here beyond a shadow of a doubt, obviously. But I for one never categorized Eminger as a can't miss kid. Regardless of how he was developed and our perceptions, he has eeked out over 400 NHL games. He is still milling around, a regular in the NHL.

It just seems too convenient to pick out a 1st rounder with limited AHL time that is not a star, and say, see? The guy "rushed" that did well, oh him, well he didnt need the AHL time, obviously. All our debates are after the fact.

I seem to remember Eminger being overweight and maybe a fat cat of his time. And all the hail the king prospects bust all the time.

Maybe he was just a bad pick by George, all the time in Portland wouldnt have signficantly changed what he is today. He did get 100 games. Did he need 200?

It all comes back to George. Eminger is not going to be at the top of his resume. Either he was a bad pick at 12 or wasnt developed properly. No one can prove it was either.
Eminger's 103 AHL games is augmented by the 62 he played during the lockout when there was no NHL option so I don't know how accurate that number is when considering how the team would have developed him if that wasn't the case.

But honestly my issues with Eminger's development are pretty much completely about his first 2 years after being drafted. His first year he 'made' the team out of camp and spent more than the entire first half of the season in DC but only played 17 games, not because if injury either, and was then sent back to juniors. The next year he played the first half of the season in DC and then was sent down the AHL. I have very little doubt that if he had just been sent back to juniors right away after being drafted and then spent the entire next season in the AHL things would have worked out better for him.

IMO his first 2 years after being drafted is an excellent example of how not to develop a young player.

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